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Working Together for a Better Future
-- Challenge toward Better Future --

Our company started business as Hiroshima Imono Kogyo in 1963 (Showa 38), and established Yoshiwa Kogyo Co., LTD. by the merger with the machining company Wada Kosakusho in 1937 (Showa 12). The company name was unified literally with each founding families of Yoshino family and Wada family, and has mainly striven for the integrated production of casting and machining for automotive parts productions. In the middle of postwar "high-growth era", our company played a part in motorization in the time when Japanese economy rapidly grew and expanded. In order to revive from the distress after defeat, Japanese companies progressed toward one target, and won world competition, not only production volumes, but quality and cost also, then reached to economic No.2 in the world. In it, Japan and Japanese became rich, and "technology" and "talented people" grew up as praised in the world.

In the above success, although Japan was supported by the domestic auto industries, now the time is changing a lot. There are big changes not only of economic ambience, but of culture, life style, sense of values, on individuals. In the automotive industrial areas, automotive structures change like HEV and EV, material substitution progresses for low-fuel-consumption realization, and it is also in the tendency for overseas production dependence to increase. Under these circumstances, cast iron also has the view that it decreases according to weight saving needs etc.

However, I think "Iron castings still have unknown and infinite possibilities." Castings are products as like "melted objects solidify naturally" and have very close characteristics to "natural providence." Therefore, they have wonderful characteristics which are not acquired by other artifacts. Moreover, the Chinese character called “cast (鋳)" is a very auspicious Chinese combined characters "gold (金)" and "congratulation(寿)".

Therefore, I believe that "castings" and "foundry industries” will never be lost, and we should not lose. Furthermore, it is said that "it is only about 100 latest years that castings were evolved overwhelmingly technically in 4000 years of cast history." The history of the development has been made by predecessors' wisdom and technology. There was also a time said "iron is a nation." Many technical reports about castings continued for years, and although many reports are given, many still fundamental researches are also included in it. Still many of the research are not yet solved, and I think that they have much deep possibility, in other words, there are so many possibility remaining that we can develop and apply castings more.

Since dissolution temperature reached to almost 1600℃, the iron casting could see neither the inside of a mold, nor the condition of solidification, but only had guessing from the casting (result) done by Try and Error. However, when CAD-CAM-CAE, analysis technology, analytical skills, and processing / molding accuracy also progressed rapidly during about 20 years, the technical elucidation was markedly easy and became highly precise recently. With using those enablers, we are able to “master” castings.

As mentioned above, castings and foundry industries are "traditional.” It is said that “tradition is not to keep old as it is, but to continue to change”, “tradition is created after repeating changes.” While valuing tradition, on the other hand, not persisting in the past way, but corresponding to environmental changes and changes of customers’ requirements, castings and manufacturing process should be changed, also we ourselves have to continue to change.

Technology and improvement produced by human’s wisdom and ideas are infinite. Those "evolution" is also infinite. Our company creed is "よりよき明日に挑戦(Yori yoki ashita ni chosen)” in Japanese, and "Working Together for a Better Future" with English lettering. This expresses our "heart" to act together for a better future. We aim at "better future" by strengthening "technical-capabilities" , by continuous "improvement", by making effort to activate those supporting "every single person", and by assisting their growth.

Representative Director, President

Takeshi Araki

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