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Management Philosophy

YOSHIWA KOGYO Co.,Ltd. is always trying to achieve "a better future" and aims to be "an attractive corporation."

We develop a product that can meet customer's needs, deliver it just on time, and contribute to the car production of rich sensibility. In addition, we create an open working environment where all working members can express themselves freely. And our main aim is to be a company that can bring happiness and joy to the people around us by achieving our continuous development.

Challenging spirit
For a Better FutureWith a clear purpose and endless desire to improve themselves, every member of our team works hard and strives for a better future everyday.
Challenges in The WorldAs one of top makers of casting products in Japan, we always keep and eye on the global standards of business organization, product and technology, and try to expand our business opportunities in the global market.
Research of Casting TechnologyWe have improved our casting technology since the company's establishment. We still research higher casting technology everyday, and try to extract maximum possibility from it. Furthermore, we also research technologies beyond casting areas.
A Reliable Technique of ManufacturingWe have cultivated our technical know-how for manufacturing casting products for a long time. Talking achieve higher technical improvement as one of the top automotive parts suppliers.
Organization power
Mobility and PlanningFor business management, participation by all employees is essential. We establish a management system actualizing "Rapid Mobility" and "Steady Planning" at the same time.
As An Organization Where One Can Express OneselfWe create an open working environment where every employee can express themselves freely, and aim to be an organization where all the people around us to achieve "a better tomorrow."

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