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Environmental Philosophy

YOSHIWA KOGYO Co.,Ltd. aims to be an eco-friendly company for protection of a livable earth and rich natural environment.

Our main business, manufacturing of pig iron and casting iron products, is one of recycling industries using scrap iron as raw material. However, this places a high burden on the environment at the same time because of its huge energy consumption and waste products. From this standpoint, we strive to reduce this environmental burden.

Corporate Social Responsibility
Energy Conservation and Reduction of Waste ProductsWe promote energy conservation in all of our working areas and strive to reduce the emission of substances harmful to the environment including CO2 and waste products.
Adherence to Environmental AgreementsWe adhere to not only environmental regulations, but also other environmental agreements and terms that we entered into.
Management System
Building of Management SystemWe build an environmental management system to secure the achievement of our environmental targets, and strive to carry it out at each stage.
Thoroughness in Environmental PolicyWe document our environmental policy. implement it thoroughly with all employees and affiliate companies with it, and publish it outside our company.
Sustainable Development
Continuous Environmental Improvement ActivityBy operation and reviewing the environmental system, we strive to improve environmental performance of our products and prevent pollution.
Balance of Industry and EnvironmentWe understand that our main business can be a high burden to the environment, and make positive efforts to balance our industry with ambient surrounding and our society.

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